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My Favorite Teas (At the Moment)

1. Yerba Maté - I am not sure I will ever find three teas that are better than Yerba Maté. It’s been on my list of favorites for a very long time. It is a very popular drink in South America (fun fact: I’ve been told that tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world behind water). It’s a bit smoky, a bit herbal, a bit bitter, and a bit wonderful. It looks like it should taste like a green tea, but the smokiness gives it a darker flavor. The taste changes dramatically depending on whether you brew with or without the stems of the plant. It also has a fair amount of caffeine, but is easier on the stomach than oily drinks such as coffee.

If you’re really cool, you can drink the tea with a nifty straw called a bombilla. It helps to strain the tea as you drink.

2. Wild Greek Mountain Tea - I went home several weeks ago, and when I walked through the door, my mom pushed a gallon sized Ziploc into my hands that was filled with what I mistook for a bundle of weeds. She picked up this particular tea at our local farmer’s market from a man who travels around and does nothing but sell rare teas (I wish that could be my job). Wild Greek Mountain Tea grows along the mountains in Lakonía, Greece, where it’s commonly consumed by shepherds tending to their flock. It is a fairly light tea, but it is very soothing; the earthy smell is absolutely incredible. My mom pushed it onto me because it’s supposed to be a miracle tea - anti-inflammatory; antioxidant; antifungal; antibacterial; antimicrobial in general; a cholesterol killer; and high in iron. Even if it can’t do a single thing on that list, I’ll keep drinking it because it’s amazing.

Does it not look a little funky? You brew the tea with the stalks - it’s never crushed. This allows it took keep all of the yummy antioxidants and oils that many teas lose during processing.

3. White Ayurvedic Chai Tea - This is a Teavana tea. I tend to stay away from Teavana because of the high prices, and there are so many incredible teas out there if you stray from the mainstream shops. I will give them this, though: they have killer salesmen. I was walking through the mall and all of a sudden this happy college student was offering me a plethora of fantastic smelling tea. She sold this Chai so well that I just had to buy it. It is a bit weak (which, in my experience, is the ultimate downfall of Teavana teas); of course, that can be solved simply by brewing with more tea. I love Chai on a cold day, and what really drew me in was the distinctive smell/taste of cardamom mixed with cinnamon. I’m a total sucker for anything with cardamom. So I shelled out the cash, and now I have a wonderful tea to sip while the Missouri weather deliberates whether it wants to be freezing and raining or blisteringly hot.

Today I heard…

- …someone refer to Muse (one of the most ambitious, unique rock bands to come ever hit the music scene) as ‘that band from Twilight’.

- …the following conversation between two college students:

Student 1: The brain runs off glucose, right?

Student 2: No. It runs off energy.

My heart broke a little.

Did you know…

…that there are over 240,000,000 televisions in use in the United States, and that 2,000 of those are located in restrooms? Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to not be a poor college student and be able to afford those fancy extras (like basic cable); I don’t think I’ve ever wondered, though, what it might be like to have a television in my bathroom.

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